SimAv features latest generation technological equipments, not only concerning medical simulation, but also for other kind of activities. The Centre is divided in 4 work areas: high fidelity, medium and low fidelity, micro-simulation and virtual reality.

For what concerns macro-simulation, a real operating room was recreated - including a ventilator, medical gas system, air detection system, crash cart - in which are present three high fidelity mannequins - adult, woman in childbirth and newborn. The room is connected to a debriefing room through cameras and an audio system. For micro-simulation the Centre offers a room with 10 stations equipped with software in which there are 40 virtual cases. The medium and low fidelity simulation provides hospital environments such as patient rooms, medication room and medical office with anatomic pieces and mannequins of low fidelity. In particular, the medical office can be utilized also for relational simulations. VIrtual reality is represented by a surgical laboratory with real adn virtual simulators used for practice such as low surgery, laparoscopy and ultrasound.