WAL - Web Accessibility Laboratory

The idea of the laboratory was born from the activities of the European H2020 RiseWISE project and was developed, starting from 2018, at the SimAv, as a response to the request of an increasingly inclusive digital society, starting from compliance with international standards (WCAG of the W3C) and Italian regulations on web accessibility (Legislative Decree no.106 / 2018).

Its main objectives are:

  • develop the technical skills necessary to have accessible services with respect to the transversal roles of the people involved: on the one hand, accessibility experts with ICT skills (developer, design expert) and for the creation of content (information pages, courses) and on the other hand, end users experienced in testing
  • create a place of reference for the spreading of assistive technologies and digital facilitation tools, to provide an equipped space that offers teaching and research tools
  • spreading and supporting a new culture of inclusion that starts from respecting the rights of people with disabilities or simply more vulnerable through, for example, the organization of training activities and dissemination events
  • consolidate a network of stakeholders between public bodies, local companies and associations of people with disabilities to discuss and develop synergies for the social, cultural and economic development of the region

At SimAv, simulation is the teaching methodology used when the goal is, for example, the creation of situations that are otherwise unattainable, because of their distance in time or space.

Last update 14 June 2022