Didactic Activities

The SimAv is a structure aimed at the management of services and the promotion of activities of general interest of the University of Genoa which has among its purposes those of promoting, organizing and coordinating education and higher training activities that use the techniques and technologies of simulation (Article 1 of the constitution decree).

In particular, the center contributes to the development of teaching through simulation, recognized as a highly effective tool especially for adult education, in the following activities:

  • promotion and coordination of didactic activities with simulation for the University Degree Programs;
  • promotion of training activities and refresher courses for teachers, trainers and staff in service, for health workers, cultural mediators, volunteers, in particular in the health sector;
  • organization of advanced courses, masters, training periods, thesis activities;
  • organization of didactic and/or experimental training activities, with particular regard to the inclusive aspects of people with disabilities, with specific learning disabilities (SLD) or disadvantaged.

The courses are of an institutional nature when linked to the teaching of the University Degree Programs or are aimed at external users who, through the techniques and technologies of simulation, must improve their professional skills.

Bleeding control courses are hosted by the BleedingControl organization, under the auspices of the American College of Surgeons.

The Center provides the Departments with technology and skills for carrying out thesis activities and is activating training and orientation or extra-curricular internships for students and graduates, aimed at facilitating professional choices and the employability of young people in the transition path. between university and work through training in direct contact with the world of work.

Since 2019, collaboration assignments, so-called 150 hours, have been activated for students to carry out activities related to university services.

From October 2021 the "First Aid Pills" course is available on the Simav teaching portal, delivered entirely in asynchronous Fad and aimed at Third Sector Entities.

It also hosts projects and activities as part of the University guidance services, including for PCTOs (former ASLs).

Last update 14 June 2022