Constitution and purpose

The Center is a structure aimed at managing services and promoting activities of general interest of the University in the field of promotion, organization and coordination of training and research events that use simulation techniques and technologies at the national and international level. The simulation methodologies used include: macrosimulation, microsimulation, virtual reality and relational simulation, namely standard patients in clinical and home simulated environments. 

The center  pursues the following goals:

  • The promotion of training activities and refresh courses for teachers and instructors; healthcare workers; cultural mediators; volunteers, mainly in the healthcare sector
  • The organization of high education and specialization s courses The organization of specific training for the internal employees 
  • The production and spreading of editorial works (including multimedia) and other didactic tools relating to the themes of the cultural heritage of the Center
  • The promotion of research and experimentation activities, in the field of simulation, of innovative models, prototypes and logistic solutions, related to well-being 
  • The promotion of the activities of scientific societies and networks of research institutes or organizations carrying out research at regional, national or international level
  • The promotion and participation in the exchange of experiences, visits and stays of scholars from any country and culture

The current Center was established from 1.6.2016 with Rector's Decree n. 3626 of 25.09.2020

Last update 14 June 2022