From 2018 to 2021 SimAv took part in the RISEWISE - Women with disabilities in Social Engagment (Horizon 2020) project through research and support activities for various initiatives aimed at identifying needs related to disability and overcoming barriers through the best practices of the various European countries involved. The aim is to contribute to interdisciplinary research activities to identify barriers to social inclusion, with respect to the theme of digital accessibility and inclusion. Digital inclusion and the right of access to information entail the creation of conditions for equal opportunities in the use of the network. No user must be discriminated against, even if they find themselves operating in a particularly difficult situation, and have the right to participate fully in the "digital" life.

The secondment periods at the project partners (universities, associations and companies) allow involved people to deal with the cultural and socio-economic environments of the involved European countries (Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey) with the aim of work for the integration and improvement of the quality of life of women with disabilities from different perspectives.

In addition to the visits of partner researchers, such as those from Universidad Complutense de Madrid - UCM, AFADIS and FUNKA, the initiatives carried out in the University that directly involved the Center, are:

  • organization of the conference "Web accessibility and assistive technology. Digital inclusion tools" for the International Day of People with Disabilities 2019 and publication of the proceedings of the conference with Genoa University Press - GUP;
  • collaboration in the test phase for a thesis on Computer Engineering which led to the development of ABS-Accessibility Bot-based Services, a chatbot for sharing physical barriers on road routes in the city in order to improve the mobility of people with disabilities (October 2019);
  • IGF: LAW is one year old (at the time of COVID19): round table at IGF Italia 2020 (9 October 2020) and All together inclusive: round table at IGF 2019 (30 October 2019). The Internet Governance Forum - IGF, established by the United Nations since 2006, is a public event, open to all stakeholders, to discuss issues relating to Internet governance;
  • Europe Is You: video contest for EC DAY2019 - European Cooperation Day - EC DAY. The competition, organized by the Agency for Territorial Cohesion and by the Department for Cohesion Policies of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, aims to raise awareness among citizens on the values of cooperation between European peoples and to tell the opportunities deriving from belonging to the 'EU;
  • If you underline I do not read: from 20 to 26 May 2019, an awareness campaign on how important and necessary it is not to underline or mess with books with a view to accessibility
  • UNIGE makes itself heard: from 15 January to 15 March 2019, a trial of browsealoud, a tool for surfing the Internet, developed for people with visual impairments, with specific learning disabilities, and to overcome language barriers. By reading websites aloud, even in multiple languages, it improves user understanding and experience;
  • research on the role that technology has in the lives of girls and young women, with or without disabilities through the data of the "Gender and technology" questionnaire, summarized in the video "Gender, disability and technology" which participated in the Jam Festival 2020 event;


Last update 14 June 2022