SimAv has latest generation technological material, not only for medical simulation, but also for other types of activities.

The Center is divided into 5 work areas: high fidelity, medium and low fidelity, microsimulation, virtual reality and relational simulation.

For what concerns macrosimulation, a real operating room has been recreated (including respirator, medical gas system, air detection system, emergency trolley) in which there are 3 high fidelity mannequins (adult, parturient and newborn), connected with a debriefing room via cameras and dedicated audio system.

For microsimulation, the Center has a dedicated room with ten workstations equipped with software for the study of virtual cases.

The medium and low fidelity simulation is equipped with hospital environments such as hospital rooms, dressing room and doctor's office with anatomical pieces and low fidelity mannequins. In particular, the medical office can also be used for relational simulation.

Virtual reality is represented by a surgical laboratory with real and virtual simulators for exercises such as low surgery, laparoscopy and ultrasound.

The relational simulation makes use of modular environments (depending on the scenario) and video audio recording systems.

Last update 14 June 2022