Since its establishment in 2016, the SimAv, inheriting the activities and equipment of the pre-existing simulation center, has initiated important collaborations that have transformed it from a training place for simulation into a structure where research is carried out. From the combination of design techniques typical of Design for All and Ambient Assisted Living, with virtual and augmented reality technologies, 3D prototyping, sensors aimed at monitoring, ICT tools for cooperation and mobility, the research areas are aimed at all schools of University, therefore with a view to inter-professionalism and interdisciplinarity.

The SimAv is a structure aimed at the management of services and the promotion of activities of general interest of the University of Genoa which has among its purposes those of promoting, organizing and coordinating research activities that use simulation techniques and technologies (art 1).

In particular, the center aims to contribute to the development of the University's scientific research (art2) in the context of simulation through:

  • the promotion of research and experimentation activities, under simulation conditions, of innovative models, prototypes and logistic solutions, in particular dedicated to personal care and well-being;
  • the promotion of the activities of scientific societies and networks of research institutes or organizations carrying out research at regional, national or international level;
  • the promotion and participation in the exchange of experiences, visits and stays of scholars from any country and culture;
  • the publication of research results in the form of short notes or original works in scientific journals or monographs of national or international level


Research laboratories

JETS - Simav-Dibris joint laboratory

The collaboration relationship between SimAv and DIBRIS was created to promote their respective very high skills in training, design and applied research in the field of hardware and software technologies applied to simulation, also activating new forms of connection between the world of university education and the world of work and research, and to foster the start-up culture of companies on a global scale.

LAW - Web accessibility laboratory

The project, born as an activity within the European project H2020 RiseWISE, intends to respond to the request of an increasingly inclusive society, developing skills and services for those who work, study, update themselves professionally at the University of Genoa, in compliance with recent European indications and national laws.

Living Hub

The Living Hub is a wide-ranging multidisciplinary project, concerning the creation of a home automation environment for the care of the fragile person, in order to support their autonomy and independence, through supports, aids and relational environmental, technological and welfare stimuli.

In 2018, the project for the development of a platform for medical education was launched, capable of simulating clinical activities in a virtual / real hybrid environment. The design idea involves the use of information technologies for sharing and cooperative work, integrated in serious games, which create care scenarios aimed at both emergencies and ordinary clinical practice. The learner will access, via the network and from different fixed and / or mobile platforms, a simulation program, in single mode or in collaboration with others, to perform the care actions to be applied to the case study.

Active research grants

Development and validation of new technologies of advanced simulation technologies for the training and planning of diagnostic and operative interventions in medicine (1-10-2019 / 30-09-2021)

Financed for two years on PO_FSE 2014/2020 funds, it was born within the joint laboratory with DIBRIS. The activities aim to train a new professional figure with multidisciplinary skills (eg medicine, bioengineering, robotics, IT) and to take a first step towards a path that leads SimAv to be a provider of innovative technological solutions and promoter of cutting-edge research in the field of advanced simulation in medicine, with particular attention to user needs, specific to the Ligurian territory.

Design and communication of a smart environmental model for the simulation of home care and assistance (1-4-2020 / 31-3-2021)

Funded for one year, it was born within the living hub project with the DAD. The activities aim to train a new professional figure with multidisciplinary skills (eg design, data visualization, robotics, IT, set-up) for the development and validation of new advanced simulation technologies for the training of operators and end users in the Ambient Assisted field. Living with particular attention to the specifics of the territory.

Last update 14 June 2022