• October 26: bachelor's thesis defense Design and Implementation of VR scenarios for RiNeo MR, a simualtor for newborn life support training
  • October 23: lecture for robotics engineering students
  • October 20: publication of the first article of the lab
  • October 16th: lab meeting
  • June 26th: new thesis activities at the Joint lab for Emerging Technologies in Simulation
  • March 30th: master thesis dissertation: "Design and development of a magetic motion-tracking system for the birth simulator eBSim"


  • December 13: kickoff meeting for the research fellowship
  • November 26: Forum Risk Managment in Healthcare - 2019
  • November 12: hands-on activity for biomedical robotics students
  • October 11: lecture for bioengineering students
  • October 1: research fellowship "Development and validation of new advanced simulation technologies for the training and assessment of operative interventions in medicine"
  • October 1: best paper award at IWISH 2019
  • September 20: Participation at International Workshop on Innovative Simulation for Healthcare - IWISH 2019
  • August 1: The lab attends EMBC - 2019
  • May 16: Visit of Università Politecnica delle Marche
  • May 3: The joint lab has started

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